REDD Family Dentistry - 2006 New Garden Road, Suite 101, Greensboro, NC 27410

Meet Team Redd

Rodrick R.

Rodrick has been a highly valued team member with Dr. Redd since August 2003. Rodrick is very versatile serving in multiple capacities for the practice administratively as well as his ability to serve in a clinical capacity as DA II. His quiet demeanor and professional courteous manner has facilitated patients for many years in achieving many goals from dental services to working with insurance plans on their behalf.

Rodrick has two beautiful children and has been an invaluable asset to his parents. He has a deep passion for racing as well as rebuilding and restoring vintage cars. REDD Family Dentistry is proud to have him to be of service to its many loyal patients.

Barbara R.

Mrs. Barbara Redd is an auxiliary Team Redd member and serves the practice in many ways. She is also the mother to Dr. Redd and Rod. Mrs. Redd has been a great support in numerous capacities and an integral part of the structure of REDD Family Dentistry.

Mrs. Redd is married to Mr. Louis Redd, who has also contributed to the foundational support of REDD Family Dentistry.

Louis R.

Mr. Louis Redd is a honorary founder of REDD Family Dentistry and works to assist in keeping the business functional by lending his many skills. Mr. Redd has been of great support and has had a unique hand in helping REDD Family Dentistry. Mr. Redd is married to Mrs. Redd who also contributed to the foundational establishment of the practice.

REDD Family Dentistry is fortunate to have access to the wisdom and service of Mr. Redd as he has played an integral part of moral support of Dr. Redd and Rod as their father.